Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday...Tank Top Refashion Time!

Hey friends!!
Were you wondering if I'd ever do a REAL WIWW again?
The past two weeks I kinda cheated...
I was definitely busy so there were a lot of days where I just looked like yuck & wouldn't dream of showing you what that looks like...but I also feel so weird about taking pics of myself & posting them.
Nevertheless, WIWW sure motivates me to do something with myself!

Tank- JCP
Skirt- Thrifted
Sandals- Ocean Minded -favorites!
Top: VonMaur
(purchased for honeymoon 6yrs ago!)
Flower Pin - Pretty Pink Posie
Capris - not sure
Sandals - not sure
Top: Kohl's
Bracelet: Jersey Bracelet...
(yep, the 1 from the glue burn incident!)
Shorts: JCP
Sandals: Wal Mart

And Last...
Tank: Old Navy
but I refashioned it a bit
Shorts: Aeropostal
Sandals: Ocean Minded
(although I love my tank & the shorts are super comfy, I think I look like I'm going camping or playing corn-hole in the boonies...well, we may not play corn hole much but at least I got the boonies part right...) here are a couple close-ups of the lil' refashion


 The strap that I cut off/replaced had gotten a bleach spot on it but I didn't want to just trash the tank...even though it is a cheap-o tank from Old Navy. I had this ribbon on hand & really wanted to try something new with it! So this became my 1st clothing refashion experience!

 First, I cut the "strap" off.
Second , I gathered the fabric in both places where I cut - to fit my ribbon's width. 
Then, I stitched the very long ribbon on to the tank to create a strap.
Next, I cut the ribbon in the middle & tied it in a bow.
Lastly, I hand stitched the bow in place so it wouldn't come undone.
That's it!

I'm linking up at The Pleated Poppy today :)
Gone on, check it out!
the pleated poppy blog

I'm linking this transformation up to Toile Good's Tank Transformation Party!


  1. Are those the Aero shorts I picked up at that garage sale? If so they look really cute on you!! I love the capri/posey outfit!!

  2. Love the tank refashion! Cute idea:)

  3. Ahhh! I love what you did with your tank! I'm pretty sure we must share a brain because I used the very same ribbon and tank, but mine didn't turn out as cute as yours at all! I just lined the neck with the ribbon, but am thinking I'll have to do it again and make your version! Totally Ca-UTE!

  4. Hey hey! Having a (quick) Tank Refashion Party (inspired by Old Navy's sale this weekend) and thought of you!! Would you link up your awesome project? I'd be so flattered!

  5. Hey Allison! Sounds fun! I absolutely will link up! Thanks so much for thinking of me - you're so sweet!

  6. I love, love what you did with the tank! Where in the world did you find the pleated ribbon, it's gorgeous! :)

  7. What a fun idea for a tank refashion! I may borrow it sometime :) I'm also pinning it. Have a great day!


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