Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dollar Store Craft - Welcome Sign Pumpkins!!

This post combines two of my favorite things - Fall & Dollar Store!!  

Dollar Tree Pumpkins (as many as you need - $1 each).
Re-bar or some kind of stake long enough for your pumpkins
Permanent Marker (Dollar Tree $1)
Peering Knife (Dollar Tree)
Optional: Pot to keep pumpkins off the ground & fishing line to tie the bar back.

I cut a 3/4" inch hole in both the top and bottom.  Since these are hollow & foam it was messy but simple.

I outlined each letter with a pencil until I got it exactly like I wanted (drawing on an uneven surface can be tricky to get the letter to look even on both sides).  We did WELCOME, possibilities are endless - your last name, house number or a spooky Halloween theme!

I put down a pot first since my flower bed isn't level (I'm hoping it will keep my pumpkins clean too).

Melody had a GREAT time helping with the craft!!  She couldn't wait to put the pumpkins on the stake and it was fun to have her spell 'welcome' backwards ;-)

My finished product!
I added the Mums later - hopefully they'll brighten back up and make for a fun Fall Decoration!  

For another fun Fall Dollar Store craft involving pumpkins - check our Friend Morena's Blog Post!  She also has LOADS of other GREAT Dollar Store Crafts and great Halloween Crafts you and your kids will love!!


  1. I love this idea!! You should submit it to Dollar Store Crafts! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. It would be really cute if the "o" was a smiley face.


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