About Us

We're Michelle & Julie, two sisters who grew up in rural Ohio. We both enjoy DO-DO-DOING & then SHARING what we do with others. If you could meet our Gram, you'd see it's in our genes! 
Once upon a time Julie had a blog called Freckles and Fun & Michelle had a blog called Thrift Store Rock Star. We decided to join together to make life more interesting & fun, & then SISTER SEE SISTER DO was born!

Michelle is a is a working wife & momma to two little beauties. She LOVES to upcycle furniture, work on home-makeovers, bargain shop & she loves fashion!!

Julie is a stay at home mom to three wild little boys. She loves to sew, cook & find fun hands-on activities to do with her kiddos.

Through our lives, God has given us beauty from ashes and this blog will share a portion of our journey with you as God continues to shape our hearts and lives!! We are nothing without Jesus!!
We hope we can inspire you in some way that will make your life better! Thanks for visiting us at sister-see-sister-do!

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