Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board with Lace

Last Fall that I introduced you to my Homemade Dry Erase Board from an old picture frame.  Since then I've taken those simple Marker Boards all different directions.  My first attempts were successful using fabric, scrapbook paper or black and white pics as the backgrounds.

This one is a new take on Fabric and Paint!!

Check out my latest DIY Marker Board.  To reproduce this look you'll need:

1 old or new picture frame
1 can spray paint
Lace fabric (enough to cover your glass from the frame plus about an inch over hang on each side)
Painters Tape
Velcro spots
Dry Erase Marker

It's up to you if you want to paint your frame or leave it as it - personally I like to paint my frames and sometimes distress it (see above purple frame).  You'll want to remove the backing, current picture and glass before painting the frame.  

Make sure your glass is clean and free of your finger prints before starting this step.  Tape your lace to your glass - pulling snug otherwise you could end up with extra paint where the lace was loose.  I just love using lace as a stencil! 

Flip the glass over so the tape side is down.  Now you are ready to spray!  Remember to shake the can VERY well.  Use light even strokes going slightly past the edge of your project to get a clean even coating.  For these frames I did 3 coats of paint waiting about 1 min in between each coat (and shaking well between coats).  I let mine dry about 5 min before carefully removing ALL the painters tape and then peeling back the lace.

Once your paint is completely dry (about an hour but I prefer overnight).  Place the glass back in the frame with the unpainted side pointing outward - you want to be able to mark on the smooth side.  

For the white inside I used a piece of white wrapping paper - you could also use printer paper or a poster board cut to size.  Add your rough Velcro dot to the side of the frame and the soft Velcro side to your marker and stick.

You've got a super cute DIY Marker Board that could also be used as a piece of wall art!  If you're not in the DIY mood check out ReHab Fab in Van Wert where all of the above pieces are for sale.



  1. Super cute! That would be awesome as a command center, but being able to get rid of it all to see an art piece when people are over is genious!

  2. I love the yellow! This is really smart! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So cute! The yellow one is my fave. Thanks for entering One Crafty Contest; good luck!

  4. Love this idea! I'm gonna have to do one for me! Thanks!

  5. Lace fabric (enough to cover your glass from the frame plus about an inch ...

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