Sunday, October 28, 2012

Furniture Stencil with Lace

Since I've had so much success (& fun) using lace curtains for marker boards & trivets... I thought I'd give it a try on furniture!  (Stay tuned for more makeovers with this technique).  

I found this little dresser on a Garage Sale Site (I wish a had a before, it was yellowish green and just crying to be pretty again).  It had already been painted so that saved me time priming. 

Step 1 - Clean with a de-greaser (to get off all the crud that accumulates).

Step 2 - I painted the drawer faces a metallic silver (after I removed the existing hardware).

Step 3 - I painted the body of the dresser with Rustoleum Black Gloss Enamel.

Step 4 - I laid all 5 drawers faces up side by side (touching so the paint would not cover the edges.

Step 5 - I used a valance I picked up at a Garage Sale for $2 and laid it over the drawer faces.  I secured it with painters tape, pulling tight to avoid bleeding.

Step 6 - I used Rustoleum Black Gloss Enamel and lightly sprayed 2 coats (back to back) over the entire surface.

Step 7 - I carefully removed the tape trying not to shift the lace.  Then I pulled back the lace carefully.  

Step 8 - After the drawers dried completely I put the dresser back together.

Step 9 - This had to be the toughest part of this makeover... Hardware.  It came with hardware but I wanted something glass and fun... I ended up buying glass hardware and hating the look.. Finally I took the original hardware spray painted it black to match the dresser and.... TA DA!!

I just love how it turned out!!  (Now if I use a valance again - see the lighter 'strip' that's where a rod would have went... I would have measured and made sure it didn't end up crooked..).

I love how it looks with my Thrift Store Mirror & Sconces (now necklace hangers).

Stay tuned for this Lace Makeover next...

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  1. I LOVE this!!! It's beautiful! I'm going to be on the search for an old dresser now! :)

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    mebel jati

  4. Is this for sale. .looking solid wood bookshelf m chest of drawers

  5. Is it for sale..any available. Love this piece for daughter roo.

  6. Super! You're a great artist! Best wishes from India. Chetna.


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