Monday, September 24, 2012

Peanut Butter Painting...

Gross. I just ate a cadbury egg. Those things are way too sweet for me. I never buy them...well except last week..I HAD TO because Eli grabbed & unwrapped one in the checkout-lane of Dollar General. I wrapped it back up the best I could & paid for it...then stashed it in my purse with intentions to just throw the sugar-ball away. So why did I even eat the nasty thing? Hmmm...well maybe it's because the stress of getting nothing done day-in & day-out is getting to me. And by nothing I mean NOTHING...not even lunch happened for me today. The cadbury egg WAS my lunch. While Keston & Eli ate lunch I thought it would be the perfect time to unload the dishwasher (without their 'help' if you know what I'm getting at). While I was unloading the dishwasher they decided to paint with peanut butter - all over their clothes, hair, the chairs & the wall. When I discovered what they were doing, I quickly cleaned them up & sent them to bed for naps. Those busters knew they were in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.
Of course I had to supervise Keston. There was no way he was going to stay put in his bed unless I was right there. No way. Nap time with him is a such a battle. His mouth never stops moving & there 100 excuses of why he needs to get up. Finally I gave in after 90 minutes...maybe that sounds like a short amount of time & I realize that's probably where I'm going wrong & why I'm still battling with him...I don't know...maybe I have ADD b/c after 90 minutes I need to get the heck out of that room. As much as I wish I could ignore my list of chores, I cannot. So we headed downstairs & I told him he was allowed to quietly play in the living room with the toys in the toy box. I finished unloading the dishwasher & resumed my laundry duties that I had started earlier this morning.  Now...let me just say that I may never learn my lesson. I cannot take my eye of my middle child for a second. Would you believe that Keston went right back to painting himself with peanut butter?!?!? Mind you, it never got cleaned up from the table because I had to play Hover-Mom during nap time. Ohhhh, I was livid...then convicted. Yep, convicted. Yesterday our pastor talked about integrity & about how ridiculous it is when we throw fits when God doesn't deal us the hand we want - or things don't go like we wanted them to. I am totally guilty of throwing fits pretty much every day when my plans turn upside down or when my children act outside of my expectations. This mom-gig is hard! It's definitely not the hand I thought I was getting...not that I would trade it but I'm just growing impatient for the lessons I try so hard to instill in my kids, to STICK! Like peanut butter on the walls, if you will. I swear, if it's not peanut butter it's poop or pee...I'm just trying to be less disgusting here...and that's the end of my rant for the day. Time to get back in line...take a few(hundred) deep breaths & deal with the child who I currently hear jumping on the bed upstairs. Let's hope that's all he's doing.

This was meant to be a facebook post but I got a bit long-winded so I decided to share it here. Sorry I haven't blogged much...I do miss it...but I'm sure you can guess why it's not on my list of priorities at the present time. Much love to all who take the time to read this!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You're Invited: Career Coffee Saturday Sept 22nd

Who doesn't absolutely LOVE Thirty-One?  Their products are super cute and so versatile!!  I love using their bags for organizing my craft supplies!

Have you ever thought about selling?  Not sure?  Here is a great invite from a couple personal friends of ours to come learn more about Thirty-One!!

You’re Invited to a Career Coffee!
Come learn more about Thirty-One Gifts: An amazing company expected to double in size this year! Be part of something BIG! Earn a living on your own terms!

No pressure….No obligation!

Saturday, Sept.22 at 9:30 a.m.
Lewis Center PANERA BREAD 8823 Owenfield Dr. Powell, OH 43065
Bring a friend and join us!
Contact Amber Davis –
Melissa Day -

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zaggora HotPants Winners!!!!

It's time to announce the 
of the
Zaggora HotPants Giveaway!

Are you ready!?!?

I asked my two youngest sons to help me pick winners...
that was a bit of a challenge!

But we finally were successful at taking turns!

Did you recognize any of the winners' names?!?!

Congratulations to...

"Jennifer Miesse"

"Shelley Nalls"

"Ali Feasby Sawmiller"


Jennifer, Shelley & Ali, send us an email at with your contact information & for directions on how to claim your prize!  If we don't hear from you by noon on Friday September 7th, we'll turn into big meanies & have to pick a replacement winner.
(If you're a friend of one of the winners, give them shout out & let them know they've won!!!!!)

Michelle & I are SO excited for our winners to try their Zaggora HotPants! We're pretty sure you will be as impressed as we have been! 
Thank you to all of our readers who entered. 
We wish we could give you each a pair because we know so many of you really wanted to try them. We will be sure to post if we see a good deal going on somewhere online!

Thanks again for all the love & entries!!!!!
Michelle & Julie
SisterSee - SisterDo

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Julie's review of Hot Pants!

Here I am, in my HotPants! 
I'm so excited for you to read my thoughts about them.
Tomorrow we'll be giving away THREE pair of these!
So that means there's still time to enter!

I wish everyone could with a pair because they really are great & fun to try!
I haven't had mine as long as Michelle & I don't exercise as much as Michelle does either, so my results haven't been as dramatic. But I can tell you that my HotPants do what they say they do. They work like an insulator to make the skin they cover sweat...yet the HotPants don't get wet. When I'm wearing them around the house as I do normal every day gardening, sweeping, laundry, dishes, picking up 1,000 matchbox cars, little people & GI Joes, sitting on my butt checking facebook, going for walks with my boys, skin is moist, if not wet when I take the hot pants off...(& all I'm gonna say about my underwear is...well...I don't have the guts to expose you to moving along...
When I DO find time to exercise, I know I get more bang for my efforts by wearing my HotPants. I'm not very consistent in fitness but I do try to find time for me. Body maintenance can be A LOT of work so it feels good to know these are doing some extra work for me. But like Michelle said, they're not the miracle fix-it. I'm looking to tone & strengthen...HotPants won't do that part for me. But I do believe they are making  difference to make the bulk of my upper-legs (saddle bags???) look smoother...and the bulge of my belly even out.

Here's a fun (iphone) snapshot from this weekend. I went on a shopping trip with some (amazing) women from my church. It was a blast! One of my favorite parts of it was getting up early to work out with my friend Meg who knows more about fitness than anyone I know.

Meg teaches a fitness class that I rarely make it to - usually because of our schedule & my kids, so knowing I had NO schedule & NO kids on Monday morning...meant I had NO excuses not to let her push me into oncoming traffic...Oh wait, that's not what she did...that's just what it feels like today! Seriously though, I really want to be fit & healthy...and she's got an immense amount of wisdom to share with anyone who is why wouldn't I sacrifice a little bit of sleep to be with her?! And, she likes my HotPants!  (...and I like her new running skirt.)

Thanks for reading my review! 
Make sure you enter to win some for yourself :)
Here's the link again,

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