Tuesday, July 26, 2011







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  1. Hi Julie,
    What wonderful pictures of summer fun. You don't need words. They speak volumes all on their own.

    My name is Heather, I write Family Volley, and have been guest posting on The Idea Room. I wrote the post about Bullying and was so happy to hear the advice was helpful. It is sad to see bullying happening at such young ages, and at church. Hard to believe. It does happen though and as parents we can help.

    Given that your son is young, I would empower him. Teach him and help him so he can stand up for himself.

    The conflict will happen again in his life. It happens to all of us. By learning and role playing, he will be more prepared to handle conflict throughout his life.

    And, from one mom to another. Keep praying. All the advice in the world can never replace a mother's prayers. Our Heavenly Father hears every single one.


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