Thursday, October 13, 2011


It’s Friiiiiday!!!!!

life rearranged

Insta-Friday! And I’m linking up at Life rearranged to share my week through my cell phone pictures.

There’s our sweet “baby” boy!Eli18MonthsEatingIceCreamHe always gives us so many reasons to laugh Smile One of these Fridays I’ll have to post a video. We had ice cream after dinner one night & his fell out of his cone. He didn’t like holding the cold ice cream in his hands so he kept leaning over to try to eat & lick the ice cream off his tray. Pretty cute!

rice drying

Wondering what this is?? I’ll be posting about it soon, but it’s rice! Rainbow Rice!

haircutI got my hair cut this week!!! Yay!! It’s healthy again!!!


This is something very fun that we got in the mail this week. It’s an invitation to our friend Nash’s 1st birthday party! His mommy & daddy are both very clever & creative to come up with such a cute invitation. It sure made opening our mail a little more delightful!


Mr Coffee failed me this week when his coffee pot broke. Now I’m not a big coffee drinker (I don’t even think you can call it coffee after I load it with cream & sugar) but I do like to have a cup or two a few days a week. Well, one afternoon I really wanted a cup so I got creative. I used a toothpick to wedge into the springy thing that releases the coffee. Bliss!! Then last night my friend dug through her stash of saved pots & gave me a pot identical to the one that broke. No more hillbilly coffee makin’!

Adventures in Babysitting! This week I was asked to babysit for 2 amazing little people, Smile twice. We had a wonderful time together! We played with the rainbow rice, made play dough together, played pretend in costumes, made potato soup together (This was SO fun. The kids counted out the veggies & helped me figure out how many more I needed or many I needed to put away. GREAT way to learn math!), and we also painted with watercolors, & read lots & lots of books! Our days were filled with fun as usual, but having two friends to join us made the days extra special!

SnackTimeOutside TableTopTime

snack time outside, table top time, & painting with watercolors


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the review of my week!

Now here’s a question that I have for you, Have you ever had a babysitter? What was your favorite activity that he or she did…with your kids or with you?


  1. What a great week! I love ALL crafts tat have been done with my little ones. :)

  2. Love your hair. Looks great. And yes I have had babysitters. I am just happy that she keeps them alive. But for real, I have one that brings tickets and the kids earn prizes from her.


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