Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time is precious...

Hey friends!
I didn't mean to take a sabbatical or anything...it just kinda happened!  But it's been a good thing. There's a lot going on in my life right now so my blog just hasn't been a high priority. I have tried to keep up on facebook but even that is on the back-burner. 
God has been doing a big work in my life & showing me how important it is for me to be present in my role as a mother & wife. I don't ignore my family, but I'm not always quick to deal with what's going on when I'm checking my blog/facebook/texting...or when my mind is stirring with ideas that have nothing to do with my #1 priority. Because of that my relationship with my children & their growth as children of God has suffered. It makes me sad to admit that. I've been selfish.
What God is showing me isn't exactly easy for me to embrace, but I'm so glad that He's revealing himself to me. His ways are wise & are best...and they bring me joy! 
This doesn't mean that I can't sew or blog or express myself creatively because I believe God created me with the desire & ability to do all of those things - especially to glorify HIM. But He has also given me 4 precious gifts & instilled in me the desire to be a Godly mother and wife. I'm to glorify HIM in those roles as well!
So right now I'm working on balance & staying sensitive each day to The Lord's voice as he shows me what that balance looks like.

Time is so precious & how we spend it matters.

On another note, there are some HUGE changes coming to my blog. It will be so fun & so much better! And it also will be less time consuming for me! Don't be surprised if my posts are very few before January :) That's when the big change will be revealed! I'm dying to tell you what it is! (You may be able to guess what it is...go ahead, guess!)

Until then, enjoy the Christmas season & please, won't you take time to reflect on WHY Jesus came as a baby so many years ago?!  You are precious, my friends, and I pray God's love warms your heart & changes your life this Christmas!

Love & Hugs,


  1. Your so good with words! Perhaps your getting a new blog design? Or maybe regular contributors to your blog so that you can still have posts, but not all on you? HHHmmmm....now I'm wondering. ;0) Have a Happy Holiday! Hugs.

  2. I'm also struggling with time management right now, so I understand completely what you're going through. Can't wait to see the changes you implement!

  3. Julie, I love your Freckles and Fun. Have a wonderful Christmas. You inspire me with the love you have for Jesus and your family. Please remember Stephanie in your prayers she is going though a rough time. She is living with us right now. You can call her at 567-259-3150. Merry Christmas. Lisa.


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