Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Romp-pomp-a chomp!

Many of you may have a Wiggles song in your head after reading my title :)
Don't worry, this is NOT a Wiggles party!

This weekend we celebrated Keston's FOURTH birthday!
Keston wanted a DINOSAUR birthday party!
Fun, right?!

We chose to have it at a park to accommodate more people - especially those with children, and hey, it's AUGUST - so one would assume it would be great weather. Well, the weather was super chilly & breezy for August :( Blaahhhh!! Setting up at a park with those conditions was extra hard.
But I still wanted to show you the decorations that we DID choose to put out.

I had trouble finding dinosaur decoration anywhere - except online...which doesn't help since I plan everything so last minute. So we used our printer, our imagination & my husband cut up a cardboard box to give the signs a rugged look. His muscles & ideas are SO helpful!

Here is our dinosaur crossing in the yard, to welcome our guests!
Pretend there are lots of green streamers hanging down like vines...that was the plan before the wind arrived.

Some of the cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen attended Keston's party!!!!

My friend Christina brought a Dino-mite Dino-Melon to the party! 

We also had Strawberry Spinach Salad at the party, which is always a HUGE favorite every time I've served it. Recipe coming tomorrow!

 AND we served the Frito Corn Salad that I recently posted. 
Here's the recipe: 

Now here's what I'm wondering...
What foods do YOU like to serve at parties??


  1. YUMMM...the food looks great! Cute party. Happy late birthday to your little guy. :)

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!! Cute decor and yummy looking salad.
    Aunt Bren


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