Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zaggora Hot Pants do they work?

We are VERY excited about what we have coming up from Zaggora Hot Pants for all our female readers!  You may recall our last post about Hot Pants?  Well by now both of us have taken the 2 week challenge and we are working up or review of this product.  We'll each share our story of Hot Pants and give our totally honest opinion.  

Before we do that - what do you want to know?  If you haven't checked out Hot Pants I encourage you to do so and ask away.  We'll answer as many questions as we can about this product.  

We do not own any part in the Zaggora and all opinions of this product are only our opinions based on our experience.

I do think you'll defienetly want to check back on the 29th for our post all about HOT PANTS (because we have something VERY exciting for our readers!!)

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