Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Zaggora HotPants Winners!!!!

It's time to announce the 
of the
Zaggora HotPants Giveaway!

Are you ready!?!?

I asked my two youngest sons to help me pick winners...
that was a bit of a challenge!

But we finally were successful at taking turns!

Did you recognize any of the winners' names?!?!

Congratulations to...

"Jennifer Miesse"

"Shelley Nalls"

"Ali Feasby Sawmiller"


Jennifer, Shelley & Ali, send us an email at with your contact information & for directions on how to claim your prize!  If we don't hear from you by noon on Friday September 7th, we'll turn into big meanies & have to pick a replacement winner.
(If you're a friend of one of the winners, give them shout out & let them know they've won!!!!!)

Michelle & I are SO excited for our winners to try their Zaggora HotPants! We're pretty sure you will be as impressed as we have been! 
Thank you to all of our readers who entered. 
We wish we could give you each a pair because we know so many of you really wanted to try them. We will be sure to post if we see a good deal going on somewhere online!

Thanks again for all the love & entries!!!!!
Michelle & Julie
SisterSee - SisterDo


  1. Oh wow!!!! Seriously, I am so excited! I have never won anything, ever!!!
    Thanks so much, and congratulations to the other ladies!!!!! <3

  2. Yay I'm so super excited!! I can't wait to try them out!! Thank you so much!!! Jenn M


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