Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Chex Mix (White Chocolate Peppermint)

Anyone else CRAZY busy this time of year?!  I've had no time to update this blog (makes me sad). I've got LOTS of fun projects I've been busy with just no time to share...  I have to say this post it TOO AMAZING not to share!  I have a co-worked who is on the hunt for the Peppermint Chex Mix that only comes out around Christmas.  I've never had it but it sounded good and I assumed it couldn't be too hard to figure out...   This is my version and it's SO simply and SUPER tasty!!

Peppermint Chex Mix

8 Cups Chex Cereal (I used Rice Chex)
24 oz White Choc Chips
8 Regular Candy Canes (crushed)
1 T Criso Shortening
1 C Powdered Sugar

-Place Chex mix in a bowl that can be used to mix everything together in a few minutes (helps if it has a lid).  

-Melt the White Choc Chips in the microwave (mine took 1.5 minutes), when almost melted add the shortening.  (I think you could skip the shortening but it thins the chocolate just enough it makes it easy to work with).

-Pour melted chocolate over the Chex and stir until covered.

-On a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper spread the Chex out and sprinkle with Candy Canes.

-Place Powdered Sugar into the bowl (can use the same bowl as earlier), pour in candy coated Chex.  Seal the lid and shake shake shake.  

-Pour your chex mix back onto the lined cookie sheet to cool.  

When cooled place in sealed zip lock bag (make sure completely cooled/dried or else the moisture will make the chex mix stale).

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