Thursday, February 17, 2011


<- Look at that! I was LONG overdue for a haircut!
The last haircut I had was 6 months ago!! EEEKKK!! Can you imagine the damage I had? Well, since I'm not super attached to my hair, I thought about just chopping it all off.  I might wait till summer to do that...but for now I'm keeping it long. Who knows, maybe by summer I'll actually be attached to my hair (for the 1st time in my life)! 
My sweet and talented friend Melissa took great care of me & my locks! She's so wonderful & refreshing to be around. And to top things off she does a really good job! I can't wait to go back soon for some color...kinda thinking about putting some red in my hair...hmmmm....any thoughts?

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  1. Julie, I love your new hairs!!! You look beautiful and I've always loved your hair curly. Makes me jealous and want curly hair again! Oh, and I don't think you should chop your hair off at summer time. You know how I feel about your long hair:)


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