Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to make your own vanilla extract...

I had NO idea that making your own vanilla extract was this simple...I'm soooo going to make my own from now own! (that is IF it ends up being as easy as it looks!) Wait till I show this to my Gram! She always buys the pure vanilla extract that costs an arm & a leg. (hmmm, I wonder if already knows how to do this...probably...)
I found the instructions from a recent guest post by Pizzazzerie on Tip Junkie.

Craft DIY Ideas
The post is actually instructions on how to make a "kit" that you could give as a gift. AWESOME, right?! I know a few girls that would really appreciate a gift like that!  DIY: How to Make a Vanilla Extract Kit

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  1. isn't this so great! ann's been making her own for, forever. (what hasn't that sister of mine been doing forever!). anyway...it makes fabulous gifts. and people will think you're so over the top creative/smart/genius/etc. all it takes is a little research, and cute wrapping!


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