Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thirty and Flirty and THRIVING!!

Soooo I turned 30 last week...yep, the big 3-0!!
Surprisingly, I was pretty excited to exit my 20's and enter my 30's. It wasn't depressing for me at all! 

Andy threw me a surprise birthday party last weekend. After several friends had to cancel because of sickness, he got frustrated and leaked a little information...which lead me to leak that I had seen something that I shouldn't have...oops! I saw a message from someone on his facebook page, which at the time I thought was MY facebook page.  All I knew was that there was a party in the works...that's all. So the party didn't end up being a surprise but I was still SO excited and enjoyed every minute with the friends who did come. 

My thoughts on turning 30:
Thirty used to sound so old...but it sure doesn't anymore :)
I don't feel old. (actually, this might be a lie. I did the hardest workout of my life ON my birthday. I'm still in so much pain...I walk like I have artificial legs or like I'm 88 years old and need a knee replacement.)

So many great things have happened in my life before I turned 30. My cup is running over! I LOVE this life that God has given me...His fingerprints are everywhere!

I'm 30 & I'm finally starting to figure myself out...perhaps I'm a slow learner.

I've heard it said that "It's all downhill after 30." If that's the case then I say, "Let's make it a fun ride!"

I think that by 30 you should be allowed to change your birthdate to whatever you want. February birthdays are always snowy & people are always too sick to get together. Maybe I'll just start celebrating my 1/2 birthday...hmmm I might be on to something! 

Some big WINNERS in my book:
My husband - for making my birthday WEEK so special (a surprise party, letting me sleep in on the days that school cancelled b/c of the ridiculous amounts of snow we got, making me a birthday cake with Caleb, taking Caleb & Keston present shopping, the jewelry stamping gift set....he really is so good to me - except for the part where he encouraged me to do the Spartacus workout with him...bad idea...)
My Sister, Michelle - for leaving a surprise in my purse for me to find. It was a certificate for a 1 night stay at a B&B!!
My Daddy - for sending me the best birthday text message :) Your words made me feel so special!!
My friend Ashley - for leaving me the greatest birthday voicemail ever. I won't delete it for a lonnnnng time. It was pretty special!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you celebrated in style! I've been over 30 for 3 years now :) I'm like you - I didn't have a hard time with 30. I actually had a harder time when my daughter turned one!

  2. Excuse me....what about skyping with your best friends on your birthday?!?! You left that part out! Glad you had a great day otherwise:)


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