Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter - Resurrection Buns

"He isn't here! 
He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. 
Come, see where his body was lying."
Matthew 28:6  

Our family LOVES Easter! As Christians, we celebrate Easter because of the life God has given us through Jesus' death & resurrection! It's the GOOD NEWS :) God sent his only Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life, & to die for our sins. His death is what gives us life & without Him we are nothing...
In our home we want to intentionally teach our children who God is & how He loves them unconditionally. We want them to understand what sin is, and what God's forgiveness is & how they can receive it through faith in Jesus. And through our own actions we want our children to see the fruit of His Spirit working & living in us.

When we tell the Easter story in a way our children can grasp, they are completely capable of understanding the message of Easter. 
This little activity is an AWESOME way to share the Easter story with ANYONE!

Can you guess what my family did today??
We made Resurrection Buns!
Last year, one of my besties did this with her little boys & I was very excited to try it with mine this year.  It's really a miracle that I remembered it! 
I'm sure many of you have seen this done or have done it yourself. It's such a fantastic idea!!

 As I held up a large marshmallow, I told the boys to pretended it was Jesus.
Then we talked about the things that happened to Jesus before he was nailed to the cross 
(beaten, spit on, yelled at).

We talked about WHY Jesus had to die (It was prophesied, He was THE ONE, He was perfect).
Then we talked about what Joseph did to Jesus' body after he was dead (Matthew 27).
This is when we put melted butter (embalming oils) on the marshmallow & rolled it in the cinnamon sugar mixture (burial spices).

Then we wrapped Jesus up in the crescent roll dough (burial clothes).
Then we baked them for 10 minutes & pretended it had been 3 days. We talked about how Jesus' friends must have felt (sad). We read the story out of their Children's Bible...

and then...went to look in the tomb...

 "He's gone!!!!! He's not dead anymore!"

How do you celebrate Easter with your children?! 
Do you remember any traditions from when you were little that made an impact on your life? 

I hope this Easter is special for all of you & your families!!!



  1. I tried these last year...didn't turn out at ALL. I am no good at baking. lol But, yours look DELISH! Makes me want to try it again. ;)

  2. I have been doing the Resurrection Rolls for over a decade and my kids (the remaining three - ages 20 and 16) still want to do these for Easter morning!!
    We love them. The key in making them is to seal them well - no cracks or slits. And the meaning of the empty roll is never forgotten!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!
    Aunt Bren

  3. I am visiting via TT&J. I absolutely adore this project! So clever. I made some vintage inspired resurrection eggs earlier this week. If you have a moment, please stop by my blog to see.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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