Monday, March 7, 2011

Made By You Monday

Lou Lou Skip to My Lou...skip to my Lou my darlin'
Happy Monday EVERYONE :)
There's this awesome blog out there that I HAVE to share with you - especially if you love to make things as much as I do.
I love love love it! You have to check it out - especially today!  It's "Made by YOU Monday" & there are gobs of links to other blogs with terrific ideas of things to MAKE & DO!!!!

I've been browsing around this morning & am already inspired!  So far I've bookmarked posts for:

Scarf Tutorial made out of t-shirts!!! Some people blow me away with their clever ideas...

Framed Magnet Board thrifty & so useful - I NEED to do this as much as I WANT to do this.

Mix & Match Robot Activity that Caleb & Keston will TOTALLY love!

Anthro Bow Bag Tutorial I'm freaking out over this free pattern! Please God, give me time to make it!!

Several Kids Activities - like homemade watercolors, homemade kettle corn, Monster Goo, Ball Drop, & Homemade TOOTSIE ROLLS (WHAT!??!).

Awesome, I know!

1 comment:

  1. The t-shirt scarf looks really cool. I'd like to try it. When do you find time to do this stuff?
    Aunt B.


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