Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pajama Pants Project

This weekend was such a productive weekend for me! I am SO excited about all the sewing I got done along with all my other weekend "chores." Friends, this RARELY happens at our house. On top of all of that, my husband let me sleep in till 9:30 on Friday AND Saturday!!
HE deserves a pair of elephant pajama pants, don't you think?!

I've been following Celebrate The Boy Month with MADE & Made by Rae


Really, you HAVE to check out the amazingness they've featured this month. 
I'm sad that it's ended! 
It's been incredible to see what people are making for their boys!
One of the things MADE featured is a tutorial/free download-able PDF pattern for these "basic pants."

I had some flannel fabric that I bought about a year & a half ago. My intentions were to make a baby blanket out of it, but that never happened :( 
SO, this weekend I decided to make some pajama pants for my big boys out of it. 

These pants are awesome & don't look "homemade" at all...except that I didn't think to pay attention to the layout of the elephant pattern as I was cutting the pieces out. Oh well...lesson learned!
The pants are lower in the front & roomier in the booty & fit great!
For Caleb, I added 1 1/2" to the top of all 4 pieces & 1" to the outside edges of all 4 pieces. As for the hem, I just measured a pair of his regular wind-pants & based the measurement on that.
For Keston, I followed the measurments from the pattern and measured the hem based on how they fit him. I had to take them up quite a bit...but as long as these pants hold up, I can let the hem out as he grows (that is, if I'm that ambitous).
I should also add that each pair took me approx 3 hours to make. Now, I don't know if that's normal...but that's how long it took me. I was happy with that.

Seeing Caleb & Keston wearing something I made for them makes me smile!

Looks like they love them too - doesn't stop them from acting normal at all!

I'm linking up to Made By You Monday with Skip to my Lou
& to Sundae Scoop with I Heart Naptime



  1. Great job Julie! I love them!!! I think your little nephew would love a pair too:)

  2. Maybe you could make yourself a pair, Katie a pair, Karen a pair and me a pair? I'm thinking light pink with black polka dots!!

  3. I want to copy it to make Melody a pair! I made her a pillowcase dress out of 1.00 fabric and have lots of fabric left - I could make matching capri length pants ;-) She'll be a boutiquey looking (those darn pillowcase dresses cost a fortune at craft shows & boutiques and even more for a set with pants!)

  4. Very cute! And so is your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and for the follow. I'm following you now too. :-) You might also like this pants tutorial - even easier.

  5. amazing the jammies

    Actually my boy would love

    leaving you some love..:o)



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