Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One of THOSE much for a "Wordless Wednesday"

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? You know, the kind of day where your breakfast coffee sits on the counter all morning and the laundry you just folded ends up all over the living room floor as soon as you walk out of the room. You know you shouldn't have left the room, but you had to because your four year old neeeeeds you to wipe his butt and his 11 month old baby brother has beat you there and is ready to grab the "kids" your 4 year old just "dropped off at the pool."
Then your baby's morning nap rolls around you think, "Oh good, a little relief." You sweetly rock him to sleep after a book and lullabies, and then you hear his heavy breathe...ahhh such sweetness! Then your two year old bounces into the room holding a container of spaghetti sauce from the fridge. "MOM! Can I hab dis?? It's strawbawies! Dat's MY faborite!" Your eyes buldge out of your head & you begin to panic, hoping and praying the baby doesn't wake up while you shusssshhhhh your two year old & try to grab the nearly opened container....and uh oh...yep, there goes the lid...there goes the sauce...all over your shoes and the rug. "Dat's not strawbawies...Dat's a mess!" L o v e l y....yet, by the grace of God your baby doesn't stir. You gently lay him in his crib, scoup up your two year old, cover the mouth - like that's gonna do anything...and EXIT EXIT EXIT. Exit like there's a bomb ready to blow (seriously, praise the LORD for sound machines! We wouldn't function without it.).
Deeeep breaths....breath in, breath out....okay....snack time. You precede to the kitchen. You know, that room that's still full of dirty dishes & messes from last night's dinner...yep, that one. No need to open the two year old left it open for you - how thoughtful... You grab the "strawbawies" that your shadow two year old obviously wants. And granted, it IS snack time...and that's a healthy snack so at least you can feel like you've done something good today. He's grinning ear to ear and right on your tail. You open the cupboard to grab a couple bowls and there it is...the brownies you made hid them in the cupboard, off the counter to avoid temptation and the tantrum from your two year old who "WANTS CHOCOLATE!!!" before his evening meal. Of course he spots the pan and insists THAT'S what he wants. "Pretty Pleeeeaaaseeeee," he says. Who can say no to pretty please?? Okay, Strawberries and brownies it is. You hear the approaching footsteps of your four year old who, let's face it, chocolate is ON his radar!  You turn around and see your son...proudly sporting his birthday suite. He decided he didn't want to wear what you dressed him in that morning, and so he removed every article of clothing he was wearing so he could pick out something different. He must've forgotten to pick out something different though because he's still sportin that nudie-booty like it's the latest trend!
Then, as you set their snacks on the table, you remember all that LAUNDRY that was scattered all over the living room. See, things happen for a reason, right? You sort through the mess, find some appropriate clothes for your 4 year old and even though they don't match, you get the job done! Then you beg him to leave his clothes ON this time.
By now you're just going with the flow, giving up on all your plans for the day. That "To Do" list is g-o-n-e, gone and your ready to admit defeat. Your phone begins to ring...but where is it? Who is it? WHERE IS MY PHONE!??! You try to find it, and as you enter the room that you hear it ringing in, it stops. What can you do? "Guess they'll just have to leave a message," you say to yourself.
Time to take advantage of snack time and go DO something with yourself. Get out of those jammie-jams and into something presentable and FOR THE LOVE, would you brush your teeth already?!! You know, in case someone (like your nosey neighbor) happens to drop by. You throw something on, brush your teeth and put your hair in a pony-tail. It'll have to do... Back downstairs you go to the danger zone. You plod and stumble through the laundry on the floor towards the screaming that's coming from the dining room. There they are, your sweet angels. Fighting over a blue crayon. Your four year old took the liberty of getting the art supplies out while you were upstairs primping yourself...should've just put on a referee uniform and went with it.
The screaming wakes your baby...but he's gonna have to wait a few minutes. You successfully get your big boys busy coloring and drawing pictures and head in to comfort the little one. You open the door & are confronted by the spaghetti sauce mess that you left in such a hurry. Ugh! You get your baby settled down; stick him in his highchair with that awesome vibrating teether toy and get down to business. Time to phone your grandma & see if she has any hints on how to successfully remove a spaghetti sauce stain.

It's not even lunch time yet & you've already written nearly 1000 words...Do you feel better now? I hope so...must be rough on you...but here's some reminders for, I mean you...
Thank God for Veggie Tales & Animal Crackers...
Thank God you have a husband who comes home for lunch...
Thank God you got up early to meet with the Lord who has already assured you that you're not doing this alone...
Thank God you don't have to be perfect. 
Thank God for 3 little boys who are so full of life...lives that already are a testimony to God's GLORY :)
And best of all....Thank God that He's going to supply all your needs...including ALL that it takes to teach & nurture your rambunctious little boys on this cold, rainy day without loosing your cool. 



  1. This is so hilarious!!!...and true! Very well written.

  2. You are such a wonderful mother. Your family is veary blessed!

  3. LOVE IT!! I think all of us mommies can appreciate this put into words so perfectly what I feel much of time (and I only have two!). You are amazing my friend!

  4. I think you're hilarious.....and I can totally see this as a stand - up bit, by the way. Just start getting your material together and you can go on the road! :)

    ps - I echo Missy...she's right, you ARE amazing! :)
    <3 u!!!


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