Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome Home Wednesday

Welcome back to another look at a room make-over in my house.  This week its all about our enclosed porch!  This porch was not inviting, and so ugly before I got busy making it a place we want to hang out at.
Take a long and narrow space and then slap on some 'Kangacarpet' in both print and olive green - YIKES!
First we took down the railing/gate & then we rolling up the carpet.  Thankfully it wasn't glued down any where but on the steps!  It took some scraping but we got the glue up, washed everything down really good.  Then a can of brick porch paint from Menards - rolled on with a paint roller (and trimmed out with a brush)
Above pic you can see our retro front door (that I'm not crazy about) but after painting it the black in the pic its not SOOOOoooo bad.
 It took some shopping but we found this 6 piece Lazy-Boy Patio set for 
$299 on clearance at Sam's Club!!
It was exactly the colors I wanted and its held up beautifully - Lazy-Boy did a great job making this!!  We added a few 'touches' (candles, a fun rug, lots of live plants). Finally its a place where I love to sit and read or nap in the summer. 

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