Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Boys' Bedroom Room Makeover- BEFORE!

Caleb & Keston's Bedroom Makeover
...this is totally a teaser...I know that what you REALLY want to see is the after...but I'm going to make you come back on Monday for that big reveal...hehehe
Our hard work just can't be appreciated to the fullest without showing you a few BEFORE  pictures...
This project was LONG overdue!
Caleb & Keston share a room,
and BOY was this room ready for a makeover!

We've rented our home for 3 years now. Last year, we attempted to paint the room & paint over the wilderness themed border that adorned the top of the walls.
We pretty much failed that task & for a whole year the room has looked as it does in the picture above (with furniture in it)...
I hang my head in shame.

Need a closer look at that border?
This is a picture I took before we painted over it last year.
Certainly not my taste...

It's a great little room.
Perfect for two little boys.
But it just didn't look like two little boys used it.
And let's face it, HUNTER GREEN isn't exactly IN anymore...nor is it a little boy color.
Goodbye Hunter...we will not miss you...

Here's a sneak peak at the room's new look...
The BIG REVEAL will be on Monday!

stay tuned...

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  1. You're right - you are a tease!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished pics!!! :) love you friend - CALL ME SOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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