Monday, June 6, 2011


I'm baaaaaack!!
It's been nearly a week since I arrived home from my vacation to Orlando with "the girls." We had a fantastic time hanging out by the pool, walking around our resort, visiting Sea World, and just taking in the beauty of FLORIDA! I loved it! Boy did we have a lot of laughs!

Life has been such a whirlwind since I've been back that I feel like I was more rested when I left! Wouldn't you know that now that I'm home, I'm playing the role of nurse to some sick little ones? I think God knew I'd need extra patience & rest to prepare me for this round of germs.  
I do kinda like the extra cuddling that my sick lil guys are giving me though...but I sure don't like seeing them so sad.
We're battling fevers, tummy aches, headaches & coughs...
What-in-the-world?! Isn't this June?!
Here are some snapshots from our trip!
Heather, Me, Karen & Katie 
Posing with Shamu before his big performance
Katie & I cooling off in the fish tank
 Karen & Heather relaxing in the sun
 Our resort was GORGEOUS
Sheraton Vistana Villages Orlando
 Katie going down the kid's water slide
A message in the sky!
 Florida Critters
Sea World
Amazing Shows & such talented people & animals

and how about those FLORIDA PALM TREES & SUNNY SKIES!!!

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  1. Hey Julie! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Haha, see why we love the south??? Love y'all!


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