Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boys' Cowboy Bedroom Reveal! Part 2 - The FUN stuff!

Today I thought it would be fun to show off the little details in the boys' room!
I was going to show it to you yesterday with the room reveal,
but it seemed to bit a little over-loaded.
So here's PART 2!

These are the pillows I made for Caleb's bed. Keston's are still on my sewing machine...someday he'll get his.
The cow fabric was a cheap garage sale find by my mother-in-law.
Perfect, right?!
C is for Caleb, Cow & CowBOY
Last summer Caleb & Keston went horseback riding for the 1st time.
They loved it & were both so delighted when they saw their pictures hanging in their room!

This barn-star was a hobby lobby buy.
It's what makes the cowboy room official!
The idea to use a cowboy theme (& barn star decor idea) came from
If you have a chance you MUST check out this blog - especially if you're into decorating!
My blog addiction started at the Virginia House...no lie!

Jute is cheap! Like 1.50 for a roll of it!
I bought it for the picture frames but thought
it would give that snake skin lampshade a rough & rugged look.
Pretty happy with this makeover.

Keston's picture board.
Keston's little 2 year old face is just precious
when he's looking at pics of himself as a baby.
Ekk! I could squeeze him!

Child's Rocker...$5 antique shop!

This western hanger was PERFECT for the boys' room.
A friend gave it to us & I knew exactly where it was going.
It covers the attic that we're constantly trying to keep the boys out of.
Now with the hanger & costumes there, we haven't had ANY problems.Yay for that!

We debated whether we should have a shelf in the boys' room or not.
With all the decorations we have, I'm glad we put it up to keep them out of reach.
(what a mean mom, right?!)

I found these cute
 RED boots at Goodwill!
...marked down to $1.50!

The cowboy hat has seen better days.
I'd say it's pretty broken in!

Here's a little taste of Caleb's artwork for ya!
I think he's pretty impressive for a 4 year old.

Caleb & Keston have been playing in their room a lot.
After showing you all those "perfect" pictures yesterday, I thought it'd be fun to show you a more realistic picture...
and here's a new toy that their Daddy
just bought for the new room :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the little details of the boys' room.
There are a few more things that I'd like to do still...like paint the dressers...but I'm accepting the fact that they'll probably never get done.
We're all happy with how it is anyway, so why fuss?
The theme & decor is perfect for little boys
& the color is perfect for a house that's rented! :)
I honestly love this room & I KNOW Caleb & Keston do too! What a great feeling to see them enjoying it!

Maybe I should show you Eli's room transformation next?
Want to see it?
It's more dramatic than this one!

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  1. I felt a little like I was playing I Spy with this post. I like that Gma and Gpa Emerine's school pics are on the photo board. And the little decorations on the shelf (you're not mean, you're smart!) remind me of THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD. Maybe that could be your bedtime story! Super Cute


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