Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Shower Week: Center Pieces - Ducky Style

Okay so this one didn't make the Circle and Dots theme but I still thought it was super cute.  Plus super easy and cost effective so I wanted to share and inspire.

I call this my Rubber Ducky Centerpiece

What you need:
Wide Mouth Vases or you could use Mason Jars
Mini Rubber Duckies (can be found on or
Blue Food Coloring
Faux Snow (I picked this up at Walmart after Christmas Clearance - a large bag for .62) its basically white plastic bags shredded into tiny pieces.  You could easily do this yourself  with a few backsides of Walmart bags.

I added the plastic 'snow' to the vase about half way up. 
Then mixed the food coloring with water in a pour-able mixing bowl.  
Poured the water into the snow filled vase and added a duck

Super simple, very cost effective and cute!!  With all the Ducky Shower ideas on Pinterest you could easily work up a shower centered around ducky's!!

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