Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Shower Week: Game Time - The Price is Right

This is a tough one... I always feel like a game is expected at showers, but not always welcomed.  So we came up with a clever game that just involved our Mom's to Be.  Since they were going to be the ones 'on the spot,' we wanted to make it worth their effort.

I call this 'Baby Price is Right'.

Here is what we did:  
1. Purchased 8 items of varying value all for baby (bottles, diaper cream, shampoo, toys, washcloths, towel, baby care kit).  Note: if you coupon and watch your sales you can really keep the cost very minimal for this game.  All together I spent under $10 for all these items.

2. Printed the name of each item on 8 envelopes.  Inside each envelope was the 'actual retail price'.
3. Gave each Mom-to-Be a Marker Board (see how to Here)  These were also used to reserve the special guests table.  Plus they got to take them home to use in their nursery to write sweet nothings to their bundles!

4. Just like at the Price is Right we showed off the item up for bids.  The Moms-to-Be then wrote down their best guess without going over.  The Mom who came closest to the actual retail price without going over WON that item!!  It worked out perfectly for us as each Mom got 4 gifts!

(Tiebreaker idea - have the girls write guess how much you paid for the item up for bids if you were savy and caught a deal this is a lot of fun!)

The game was a HUGE hit - the Mom's loved it, the guests had fun with it too!  Plus it only took about 10 min and audience participation was optional.



  1. This is such a fun game! I played on similiar at a shower (where everyone wrote down the prices of items) and won so of course I love it. I also love that it's not too cutesy or smelling a chocolaet melted in a diaper =) You are so right about games being expected but welcomed!

  2. Lovin the blog ladies! Found you on Pinterest and instantly fell in love! Your creativity is endless!


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