Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Shower Week: Invitations


 Day 1: Invitations

A friend & I (Michelle) recently planned a joint shower for two awesome gal's who are both expecting little girls.  Somehow we decided on a 'dot' and 'circle' theme (I'm pretty sure Pinterest had some influence in this theme...)

These invites were SO simple!  Here is what you'll need:
White Card Stock
Colored Card Stock
Sewing Machine
Glue Stick

We settled on the wording and printed the info on the white card stock.  We used 8.5 x 11 pages cut in half, approx 4.25 x 11 for each invite.  Then we cut enough circles with a circle cutter in 1.25" circles - 6 per invite. 

Before sewing the circles a small dot of glue stick was put on each circle to keep them in place.  Then I simply   sewed a straight line across the center of the circles and trimmed the excess thread.

Simple, Cute and Low Cost Baby Shower Invites!

Check back this week for 5 more days of details from this 'Circle' & 'Dot' Baby Shower!!

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