Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Shower Week: Cupcakes

The great debate.. Cake or Cupcakes?  

We decided to go the budget method and went with cupcakes instead of investing in a super cute modern cake. At first I had planned to make and decorate the cupcakes myself, I estimated it would cost me about $10 to make the cake and frosting from scratch (sorry not a fan of boxed mixes).

I ended up buying cupcakes from Sam's Club (36 cupcakes for about $13.00).  Then I found valentines Day sixlets in pink, white, red.  I bought 2 bags for 2.00 at Dollar General.  Then I separated the pink from the other colors.  I found edible glitter at Hobby Lobby in green so I could incorporate the pink and green into the cupcakes.  (Note: you can buy all different color sixlets at Hobby Lobby for about 6.99 a bag).  

We also used green and white cupcake liners as sleeves for our cupcakes.  It worked really well hiding the baking liner and giving us more polka dot decor.

Instead of placing the cupcakes with the rest of the food we incorporated them into the decor.  Our centerpieces consisted of 
-a piece of scrapbook paper (.36 each a Hobby Lobby).  
-a vase (or sundae cup) filled with crushed tissue paper (1.00 per package at Dollar General - we used 2 packs for 8 tables).
-polka dot ribbon pinned with straight pins to the vase
-fun flower plates (1.99 each at Hobby Lobby)


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