Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby Shower Week: Decor

Baby Shower Week: DECOR

What better way to decorate for a circle themed shower 
than with  
Circle Garland!!

This turned out super cute. I wish I had pics of all the circles before they were sewn together.  I'm honestly not sure how many circles were used...  My co-hostess did all the cutting out of the circles.  She used a circle cutter for the smaller circles and for the larger ones traced a hula hoop on poster board.  The smaller ones are all scrapbook paper or cardstock.

Once the circles came my way I used my sewing machine on a 8 stitch per inch setting and ran them through on a straight line with a little space between each circles.  This part was SUPER easy and QUICK.  I think I spent about an hour sewing circles.

We had circles everywhere. You can see them on the wall and the larger garland was hung from the ceiling by using bobby pins with the extra thread tied to the bobby pin.  Since the room we use had a suspended ceiling the bobby pin was stuck into the grid lines on the ceiling.  They all held tight through the entire shower. We had to use a ladder to take them down because tugging on them didn't work!

We used Dollar Tree fabric table clothes on the tables.  The chair covers are actually polyester fabric from Wal-mart at 1.50 a yard tucked and pinned with straight pins into the fabric chairs (these are the link together chairs many churches use in place of pews these days).  She tied a green tulle sash on the back and the transformation was AMAZING!

This was our Mom-to-Be table.  The marker board reads - 'Reserved for Future Breast feeders of America'.

Now how do you have a Joint shower and decide where to put each girls gifts??? We used one table and split it with half Green table cloth and half Pink table cloth.  We then printed a 'K' and a 'J' on card stock (matching the circles) and then cut them into a circle.  Each letter was pinned to the front of the gift table designating where each girls gifts went.

Like the decor?  Stayed tuned this week for even more Baby Shower ideas!!
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  1. Great garland! I cut out a bunch of circles with my Silhouette (I love that thing) for "monster sized confetti" we used a friend's birthday dinner. Everyone loved it, picked it up and played with it =)

  2. How fun is that?! These look great! Happily following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

  3. that turned out so cute! would be great for Easter or a bday party too. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I hope you saved them to use again! Super cute idea.

  5. My god! This is such a lavish décor. Prints, cards, favor and everything is quite beautifully decorated. I am thinking to hire one of the best event venues for my first anniversary party. Got many ideas from here. Table and food will be sober but of high quality. Drinks and wine will be branded of course. Searching for a superb gift for my hubby.


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