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Baby Shower Week: Gift - Hospital Survival Kit

Baby Shower Week: Gifts

Welcome again, to BABY SHOWER WEEK!!

 Day 2: Gifts
Gifts - I never quite know what to do... Buy off the registry, get crafty and make something, gift card (I just can't bring myself to do a gift card unless it's a long distance invite that I need to mail a gift for).  Me personally, I love a thoughtful gift.  Something that means the giver thought about the receiver.  I love to watch people open those types of gifts - the ones where their faces light up or eyes tear up.  This is probably the reason I'm not a fan of registries or gift cards... (no offense, just not my preference).

I love to give a thoughtful gift!  I love to spend time thinking about the friend or family member. Reflecting on memories really tune me into the connection and impact that person has in my life.  Granted, not all 'shower's or 'gifts' involve someone we know intimately - so a registry gift works.

Something else I love... Pinterest!!!  I found this 'pin' on Pinterest and immediately wanted to do it for the shower we were throwing.  The 'Hospital Survival Kit' is perfect for a Mom-to-Be - plus you can be really personal with it or general if its for a co-worker or your cousin's wife.  Thanks to Jen at 'My Own Road' for posting this idea on her blog - you can go read her inspiration for the kit at her blog linked above. (Plus she is so generous she provides the FREE printables on her blog too!!!)

So here is my take on the Hospital Survival Kit:

Personal Items
1. Headbands (found at Dollar General 4 for $1)
2. Soft Lips (picked up at CVS for free on Thanksgiving Day)
3. Mini Lotion from Bath and Body (.99 if you find them when they are 'new' and by register to 'try').
4. Nail  Polish (Revlon is my favorite!! (clearance with coupon .27 at CVS)

5.  Lifesavers - keep that breath fresh! (CVS sale .99)
6.  Skittles (pick up a bag of the parents-to-be favorite candy).
7.  Dried Pineapple - I had to throw in something semi-healthy...
8.  Tootsie Roll Caramel Apple Suckers (my favorite!!  I can't find them any where but Amazon.com has them for about 10.00 for 48 or GFS has the same box for 6.99)

9.  Not pictured - I found Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel bits at Big Lots for $2.00 and snuck them  in last minute.

I think the total cost was about $30 for both kits (including the bags and tissue paper).  The receivers LOVED the gifts and I hope they get to use everything during those joyous hours spent in the hospital.

If you want to make your own make sure you check out 'My Own Road' for the printables.

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