Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Kids Week: Day 4 - Cool Color Fun!

Busy Kids Week
Day 4

Cool Color Fun
Exploring with colored ice!

It's such a simple idea & is SO fun!!
One evening, we let our kids mix up some colored water & pour it into ice cube trays. Then we let them freeze overnight.
It was a GREAT opportunity to teach them about what PRIMARY COLORS are.

Then the next day, (when we happened to have some extra kids over) we got out containers of regular water & divided up the colored cubes.
I had the children pick 2 colors & tell me what they thought would happen when they mixed them(forming a hypothesis).

Then we talked about 

This activitity kept the kiddos active for about an hour. They eventually grabbed some of our bath toys & took them "swimming" in their containers.
like the good ol' imagination!!

What I really love about this activity is that it's good for rainy days, hot days (like today - 101* - hot hot hot), or wintery days when we've got a case of cabin fever!

Okay, now go get BUSY with your kids!!!


  1. Julie, You do know that you are already home schooling your children, don't you?
    Aunt Bren

    1. You are the best! Thank you :) This comment made me feel so good! Love you Aunt B!!! Julie

  2. Hey there! I am giving you an award on my will be up soon!


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