Monday, June 18, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Art & Earring Holder

Happy Monday, everyone!! 
Are you ready for a very FUN sister-see-sister-do post!? 
I've been on the GO so much lately that I haven't had very many chances to put together/post what I've been doing. So here goes...
I want to show you a fun way to turn scrap fabric (or an old item of clothing) AND your jewelry into ART!

I'm sure you've seen the way so many people are using embroidery hoops to decorate. I think it's such a fabulous way to make walls look more interesting! 
I created a little twist on some of mine so I could hang my earrings on them too! 

On some, I simply stuck a piece of twine in with my fabric & adjusted the tension. That's it!
 And the sweater hoop didn't need any twine, the earrings go right through the knit with ease...but believe me it's handy!!

1st I placed the hoop on an old sweater of mine. I have always loved the color & pattern of this sweater but it's always looke bulky on me & the neck was starting to bleach out. Once I  figured out where I wanted to cut, I went for it!
 Then I cut about 1" outside of the hoop.
 Then I placed my circle inside the hoop & adjusted the tension.
 Then I glued my leftover edges to the inside of the hoop.

After doing this project, this is how I decided to use/display my hoops. Some are in my bedroom where I use them to hang my earrings next to my other jewelry...and I made MORE decorative hoops with scraps of fabric, burlap, more of the old sweater, and a vintage pillow case - and I hung in the hallway for decoration!

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Keep your eye out at garage sales for CHEAP hoops! I got a large bag FULL of hoops for a DIME!!!!!! There's plenty left & I'm brainstorming some new ideas :) 

Happy Crafting!!!

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  1. So cute! I just love the sweater one!

  2. Embroidery hoop + sweater = jewelry display...brilliant!

  3. This is beautiful! So many things you could do with these. I would be so grateful if you would link this up at my Link Party; Mom's Library I am a new follower. See you there!


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