Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas Thumbprint Trivet

I'm sure you've seen all the great posts all over Pinterest making your own coaster from a tile?  I've been there, done that - love them!  

I saw a cute pin awhile back making Thumbprint Christmas Cards and pinned it all the while keeping in the back of my mind what a great coaster it would make!  When I stopped at Mendards to pick up the coasters I noticed some 6" tiles... Instantly I thought TRIVET!!  (If you're wondering 'what is a tivet'... it is an object placed between a serving dish or bowl and a dining table to protect the table from heat or damage).

So when we were invited to speak at a 'MUMS' (Mother Uplifting Mothers) group locally I instantly thought this would be a super fun craft to show Moms!!


Ceramic Tiles (Coaster .11 or Trivet size .39 at Menards)

Cork or Felt Furniture Protectors (Dollar Tree - 12 for $1)
Permanent Markers (Dollar Tree $1 - package of 8)
Acrylic Paint (.57 a container Wal-mart)
Nail Polish Remover (just in case you make a mistake)

-Dip your thumb into a small bit of paint.  I like to blot once or twice to get the excess off before I put it on the tile.  Press thumb onto tile (spacing your 'lights' out).  
-Once paint has dried - use your permanent marker to draw the string and caps for lights.
-Add a message

Preheat over to 350 - bake tile on baking sheet for 30 minutes to set.  Once cooled add your furniture protectors, one on each corner.

This would make a great affordable Christmas gift and a fun craft to do with your kids!

Make sure you check our others posts for a LACE Trivet and coming next week a couple more ideas for Trivets!!

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