Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painted Tire Planter

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, paint tires for a planter!  We have had this ugly rock garden right outside our Sun room since we moved in.  Honestly I let it go because the thought of digging up all those stones sounded like a lot of work (and it was).

Long story short.  I had a TON of before and after pics on my phone from this Summers projects and when I decided to re-format my phone I lost ALL my pics.  It was a sad day.  So no before pics (it wasn't pretty anyways).

Now I thought it would be EASY to acquire used tires?  No.  Until my Super Awesome Father-in-Law aka 'Big Daddy' heard I was looking for some. He gave me 3 as soon as he heard ;-)

Spray Paint

I laid out each tire and spray painted (I did not prime and have not had any peeling or chipping).  When they dried I played with placement and stacking until I was happy.  I filled the tires with bricks/stones that had been in my flower bed (making sure I put bricks in the actual tire to weigh them down).  Then I added the top 1/3 with soil.  Added plants.

Now I did learn WHY there was a rock garden left from the previous owners (down spout from the roof floods the entire garden, washing away all of my mulch...).  Now I'm wishing I wouldn't have filled the tires with the landscape rock ;-(  

Anyone else have any great uses for turning something old into something new?

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  1. I love these tires and how you arranged them! I agree, not as easy to find as you would think. So far I have collected one ...


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