Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Lace Ceramic Tile Trivet

I'm sure you've seen all the great posts all over Pinterest making your own coaster from a tile?  I've been there, done that - love them!  

 When I stopped at Mendards to pick up the coasters I noticed some 6" tiles... Instantly I thought TRIVET!!  (If you're wondering 'what is a tivet'... it is an object placed between a serving dish or bowl and a dining table to protect the table from heat or damage).

So when we were invited to speak at a 'MUMS' (Mother Uplifting Mothers) group locally I instantly thought this would be a super fun craft to show Moms!!


Ceramic Tiles (Coaster .11 or Trivet size .39 at Menards)

Cork or Felt Furniture Protectors (Dollar Tree - 12 for $1)
Lace - old curtains and tablecloths are great options
Spray Paint (I like the Rustoleum Enamel)

You can follow the same instructions HERE from our DIY Dry Erase Board only use the tile instead of the glass.

Once cooled add your furniture protectors or cork to the bottom.

This would make a great affordable Christmas gift and a fun craft to do with your kids!

Make sure you check our others posts for a Christmas Thumbprint Trivet and a Thanksgiving Turkey Trivet!

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