Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scarf Tutorial - To Infinity and BEYOND!

I love scarves!  
They're so much fun to dress up an outfit with (plus they keep me nice and warm in these cool months).  The one frustration I have with scarves is how to wear them!  The options are endless (which is great) but it seems like everyone of them ends up shifting halfway through my day.

This is a scarf I picked up at a Dollar Store last season.  I love the gray color but its silky texture always seems to do the 'slide' all over...  
I love my Infinity Scarfs and thought it couldn't be 'too' tough to whip this baby into a bit ol' loop - right!?  RIGHT.

First I lined the scarf up end to end over the back of a chair (so the strings would hang down and not get caught in my pinning). 

I pinned the scarf to avoid slipping during it's adventure into my sewing machine.

One long stitch across the bottom was all it took!! 
(Now if you don't sew you could just as easily tie the strings of each side together knotting as close to the hem as possible).

I cut off the 'strings' and melted them with a lighter to avoid fraying.

Then TA DA in the words of Buzz Light-year 'To Infinity and Beyond'!!!

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