Thursday, September 22, 2011

Captain Cloud Saves the Day!!! It’s Insta-Friday Folks!!


SuperheroDay CaptainCloudsCape

It was Super-hero day at Caleb’s school & the preschoolers got to participate. After debating all morning about what superhero he wanted to be, Caleb told me 30 minutes before school started that he wanted to be “CAPTAIN CLOUD.” 

What? You’ve NEVER heard of captain cloud? Never ever??!!

I’m not surprised. Neither had I.

So I whipped out my large stash of felt, stitch witchery, iron, scissors & gave it my best shot. The mask was something we had already & it went perfectly.


Caleb: “See ya Mom! I gotta go to school now to fight the bad guys & catch evil crooks.”

Me: “Okay, Captain Cloud. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!"

Caleb: “Yeah, I might need to eat some cookies for more energy when I get home.”

(true story!)


These are the cookies Captain Cloud was referring to. I had made them the day before & they were incredible. If you need a new Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, let me know! I’ll post it ASAP.




Nothing like a mid-week homecoming parade to jazz my kids up on sugar!

Our boys & our friends’ two kiddos had a BLAST loading up on candy from the “floats.”  homecomingparade

Some new fabric for a new project Smile









And last here’s some artwork from Captain Cloud. He’s kinda hogging the spotlight this week. That’s okay, he deserves it.


Each week I accumulate a pile of drawings that Caleb makes. It’s awesome but I REALLY don’t know where to put all of them!

These were my 2 favorites from this week.


I hope you’ve enjoyed another Insta-Friday!

life rearranged

Insta-Friday is a review of my week through my cell phone pictures! And once again I’m linking up at Life Rearranged!

I’ve been taking a lot more cell phone pictures lately because I HAVE NO CAMERA!!! My favorite & very reliable camera was ruined when when Eli got ahold of it & had it in our Homemade Splash Pad. Sad, I know. This may affect this blog a great deal until I get a replacement.


  1. I love Friday's at your place. :) If my cell would hold more that three pictures, I would do it too! lol Sorry about your camera. Boo!

  2. Oh no about your camera! I take so many more pictures with my cell phone simply because it's usually in my pocket or near by. Captin Cloud? Love!! Found you via InstaFriday. So fun!

  3. Gotta love the candy parades. Lovin' your captain cloud who gets his energy from cookies. I think I am captain cloudette.


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