Thursday, September 15, 2011

Insta-Friday! What a Week

It’s Friday (AT LAST)!!!

So that means it’s time to share my weekly phone pics with you! :)

BOY has it has been a DOOZEY of a week at our house!


It started out GREAT! I took the boys to pick out some candy on Saturday. It wasn’t for any special reason. Not because they had been good or had done something spectacular. It was just because. They were SOOO pumped!

dishwasherEli oh Eli…he’s quite the climber. Here’s he’s eager to do my dishes, I guess. Every time I turn around he’s climbing on something or getting into something else. He’s recently learned to scoot these little yellow chairs around to get to what he wants. So Andy put them in the basement for a while.

It obviously doesn’t stop him though….look what happened later that day.IMG_4738 (640x480)

It’s been one mess after another, after another, after another. It’s not just Eli either! My butterfingers spilled a whole bowl of cereal on myself & managed to drop a half-full pitcher of sweet tea all over my kitchen floor.  Tasty Tuesday wasn’t so tasty after Eli (who is 17 months old) pulled on a hot pad, causing our Pesto-Pasta-Pie to crash to the floor. He was 100% unharmed – thank GOD!  Fortunately I had made the whole box of spaghetti so I could make a freezer meal too. So we ate that instead.

(Let’s be honest, that Pesto Pasta Pie looks A LOT like what you see on the ground outside the wild rides at the fair…yuck.) On the upside of things, we’ve had really clean floors this week!


Another mess…mashed potato flakes all over the floor…

Maybe Eli was trying to tell me that he prefers REAL mashed potatoes instead of instant…What do you think?



After 2 years of saying I’m going to make a new valance for our playroom, I FINALLY DID IT!!IMG_4754 (480x640)

I literally picked out that happy mandarin colored fabric 2 years ago. I timed myself & it took me 20 minutes to make it. Isn’t that ridiculous?!


So the highs of my week? Getting some sewing projects done at home. Having jewelry-making night with some of my favorite people! Seeing my 3 year old try on newborn size shorts…still laughing about that but sorry, I’m not putting those pics on my public blog!

The LOW of my week? Definitely the dinner disaster. No one likes to clean up messes, especially ones that we had intentions of eating, right?


What were the highs & the lows of your week? Fill me in!


life rearranged

Once again I’m linking up @ Life rearranged! Insta-Friday is such a fun way to see the REAL side of other bloggers lives. You should do it too!


  1. Love the photos - especially loved the one of Keston with the undies, even though it wasn't on here! ;)

    Cowboys lost their first game :(
    My everything hurts these days....I'm feelin' old!
    I had to fight fight fight to finally get my stupid internet hooked back up! (SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!)

    I had a three day weekend and I didn't have to request the time off work!
    I am mostly settled into the new apt!
    Had a second interview for a new job (should hear back by the end of this weekend!)
    This Wednesday, we started a Bible study with some amazing ladies at church this week!!!! (SOOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!!!!!!!) :D
    Having my first mani-pedi appointment tomorrow!
    Jesus! <3

    love you sweet friend!

  2. well, I can relate to "messies" with little ones!!! I dont like to clean up sugary stuff, seems like you continue to stick to it when you walk by!!! but what a blessing that we have them to make all the messes!!

    thanks for letting me see your week!!!

  3. Looks like you had a crazy week! I have an almost-two year old who likes to help with the dishes, too.
    Congrats on getting the valance done! I love the colors in that room! Great job!

    My week's High: getting contacted by My Memories asking if I wanted to host a giveaway of their software! (Um, yes!)

    Low: Weaning my almost-two year old off her pacifier. She has to go to sleep for nap time without it now. Not a lot of fun for either of us.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way!
    from Jill Made It

  4. I love the colors of your play room... so bright and cheery!

    I spent the week traveling for work, so being away from my husband was a bit of a low... the shopping I got to do in the big city was definitely a high though! :)

  5. Oh,Dear! I think I forgot what like is like with a toddler! You just reminded me what I'm in for in about 6 months ;)

    LOVE the playroom. Great colors :)

  6. Julie,
    Thanks SO much for the pics! Hearing the stories was one thing, but seeing them is awesome! Those boys are so adventurous! I bet you couldn't help but laugh when Eli looked at you with those cute buck teeth! He is sooo precious!
    We forgot to picture our jewelry for blogging!
    Back to reading John! This is going to be great next week to combine Bible study and jewelry!

  7. Your week was a lot like mine in terms of food spilling on the daughter's bday cake slid off the cake plate onto the ground. ahhh!!!! Love the valance you made...I am loving the aqua/mandarin color combo!

  8. that pesto pasta looks great!...even if it is on the floor. ;) have you posted a recipe? i didn't see it. stopping by from life rearranged. blessings,

  9. Love all the messes...even though I'm sure I wouldn't love them if I was the one cleaning them up! The valence for the playroom (& the rest of what I can see of your playroom) is great! I hate when I put off something and when I finally get around it it, it's super simple & easy!

  10. Carmel Apple Suckers!! Wasn't that what you requested when you were in the hospital having Keston? Does he like them too?


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