Thursday, September 22, 2011

Distressing Furniture

Have you tried distressing furniture?  Making it look old or worn after spending time making it look brand new?  Sounds crazy - eh?  But its so much fun!  This is my very first time distressing a piece of furniture. 

We'll call him Blue Bonnet - he came from a garage sale my Mom's neighbor was having.  They told her she could have him for FREE (my favorite).  I really wish I would have caught a before picture but his transformation happened so quickly I forgot to take a pic.  Let me paint the picture of him... His back was black, his seat was white, and his legs were black - he was quite the site...

This color combo made a great distressing project!  Because even though I painted over him with a single color when I distressed him showed his old colors right through!  Check him out!
I used Rustoleum Gloss Blue paint to spray right over the current color scheme.  Then I tore off a finger size piece of sand paper.  I used it to rub over the legs and any or curve or edge.  I didn't run hard just enough to scratch off the blue.  Then use a clear glaze to seal the distressed edges (or you can use spray clear gloss to seal also).
What do you think of the close up?  Fun stuff!! 


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