Monday, September 12, 2011

Homemade Splash Pad

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It’s the end of summer. It’s been hot, most days, and my kids are getting BORED with all of the same toys they’ve been playing with ALL summer long.

Sound familiar to anyone else?

Well, when my friend Karen posted something similar to this on Facebook, she told me “Necessity is the mother of invention.” How true, how true! And behold, the homemade splash pad was born! AKA – The Hillbilly Slip-N-Side!

IMG_5641 (640x480)

Here’s how I made ours:

I had a couple of those cheap plastic paint tarps laying around, still unopened. And on a day when my kids were going NUTS from boredom, I whipped one of those $2 tarps out, put on our swim suites & we headed out the door. I laid the tarp in the grass, hooked up the trusty spinning Elmo sprinkler, squirted baby soap all over the tarp & said, “Let the fun begin!!”

IMG_5646 (505x640)

The laughs could be heard for miles!! 

IMG_5656 (480x640)IMG_5660 (472x640)

IMG_5655 (640x480)

IMG_5669 (640x480)

*As with any water play, use caution when playing in the splash pad with children. There’s a lot of slippery slipping & sliding & splashing going on. Join in the fun, adults! And play with care!

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  1. Lovely.. ;)) Hello there.. I'm following ya officially from made by you monday blog hop today..Lovely blog you have here.Can't wait to read more.. Hope you can stop by & visit me sometime / follow back.. TY So much.. Have a great week.Marilyn from . Great creativity here. :))

  2. Great idea Ju. Those boys are growing so much. I think you all need a trip to the South!!!!

    Aunt Bren

  3. Love this --the soap is a great idea!

  4. It's almost summer here, and I can't wait to make Vince his first splash pad! Looks like a blast :)

  5. Looks like your kids had a great time! The baby soap is such a good idea; I would have never thought of that.
    from Jill Made It

  6. What a FUN idea!!! We might have to try that before it gets too cold for water fun.

  7. great idea! i'll have to keep this in mind when i've got little ones some day!

  8. Great idea! Slip n' slides are always made out of cheap plastic that rips - this is nice because if it's cheap to replace. Love it!

    I'd love for you to link it up to my new weekend linky party -

    Creative Genius -

  9. Love these awesome super hero Mom ideas! This is just too smart! I'm sure your kids had a blast! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope to see you again this week!


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