Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something BIG happened this week! Insta-Friday

What a SUPER week!!
Want to see what we’ve been up to?
*I didn’t get any pics of Andy’s birthday. That whole day was a whirlwind, but he did have a GREAT birthday! I made him the most amazing apple crisp. An Amish recipe. Best ever. I swear.*
Okay, here we go – My week via cell phone pics…BigSmileyEli17Mo
I thought I’d start with this one. (Try to ignore the stylish plaid backdrop..ha!) Eli gets left out of a lot of instafridays…mostly because he doesn’t hold still AT ALL when I try to take his picture & we all know how good phones are at taking actions shots…
Look at him though! He’s so cute & getting SO big! He’s almost 18 months old. That’s insane. He’s my baby!
Big Bro/ Baby Bro

Middle Bro sweeping my room. Such a great helper!
Is it bad that Eli already knows what to do with the TV remote?

Something BIG happened this week!!
No crazies, I’m not pregnant…
This story probably deserves it’s own post, but in a nutshell Andy & I feel so humbled that God would provide something so GREAT at a time when we SOOO didn’t think we had enough $$ to buy a van…because we wanted to pay cash for it. We sold our Chevy Uplander in the spring to pay off our school debt & become completely debt free. That meant we’d have to manage with 1 vehicle…a carall summer long…with 3 car seats & very crammed space…Oh, and no tinted windows. Do you realize how hard it is to tote babies around with sun in their eyes? Umm yes, I was known as Ghetto Blanket-in-the-Window Lady all summer long.  But this is what stepping out in faith looked like for us. We both knew it’s what God was leading us & telling us to. (Dave Ramsey might’ve had a something to do with it too…tehehehe)
    VanPerks     LegRoom
Can I just say this thing totally blows that Uplander out of the water?! The simple things like ummm TINTED WINDOWS…HelLoooo! And a Thermometer – CD Player – Compass – and Extra Leg Room have me GIDDY! Then, throw in heated seats, power sliding doors, seat memory & I just want to cry! I feel so BLESSED that God would give us this much! I’m so thankful!
Why not just throw a Flooded Backyard Party & let my kids play in it, right?!
Super-fun time! It rained A LOT & our backyard flooded for a day. It was really no big deal…Especially since Caleb & Keston got to play in it. They were in heaven. Andy & I heard them talking about it as they were in bed that night. I hope they never forget that day. It was awesome!

I hope your week was super too!
And since I shared a personal part of our financial life, do you want to share something with me? What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done to save money?
Have a VERY FUN weekend!

I’m linking this post up to Insta-Friday at Life Rearranged. SUCH a great blog! Even if you don’t link up…or blog at all for that matter, I still suggest you wander around over there.
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  1. That is sooo awesome!!! I'm so happy for you, and amazed at the will power and self control I know it must have taken to be able to do that! :)

    The flood looks like a blast! The field in front of our building flooded earlier this year when it was pouring down rain, so we all got on some old clothes as fast as we could and went out to run and play. It was one of the most fun days I've had with the girls, and they still talk about it. Looks like your little guys were having the time of their lives!

  2. Such fun news! Having a van is a HUGE blessing when you're towing around 3 kiddos- plus all the extra perks you mentioned! God is so good and I beyond happy for you my friend!

  3. We have had 15 passenger vans for 15 years!! but now since we have older children we rarely all go together, so the Lord provided where we could get an Expedition!!

    Thank u for visiting!!!

    I have enjoyed the instafridays, getting to meet so many wonderful people and so many love the Lord!!!

  4. What a great post! Congrats on the new van! I love love love that you let your boys play and splash around in the flooded yard. So fun!

  5. OOOOMMMMGGGGOSH!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!! YAY!! That is amazing news!! And I knwthe boys will remember that da in the water, what an awesome momma you are for letting them do that! ;)

    I love Dave Ramsey...I REALLY need to get back on track with him. We were debt free beside the house last year....then went back a few steps. :( Anyway, the most extreme way I save money is by couponing. Only save about $100a month...but every bit helps.

  6. That is SO awesome that you got a van!!!! What a blessing! The most extreme thing I do to save money is to not to go Target for the month of October. So hard, but it saves me so much $! I love that place.

  7. Loooove that idea of not going to target, Mel! Truly. Even if I say I'm getting just groceries, somehow target ends up being more than just groceries. Will have to try that, perhaps---no target for the month of October! Whew. That would be extreme for me, considering i was there 2 days in a row last week!


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