Friday, May 18, 2012

A bag full of SUNSHINE!!

What could be better than receiving a bag full of sunshine? 
Especially when you're not expecting it!
This morning my friend dropped this off to me. It was such a nice surprise! I think this is such a thoughtful & FUN idea! 
It's absolutely perfect for someone who maybe had a bad week, or who doesn't get much sleep, or one with small children
...or especially one with PMS. Just sayin!

 Take a look at what she put inside.

Goody heaven, right?! 
I currently have a toothache from downing the Milk Duds this afternoon! Ha :) Courtesy of Christina!

Thanks for letting me show this off. It's idea that deserves repeating! I am SO going to do this for someone...maybe I'll do this for Caleb's teachers next week! 

Speaking of teacher-gifts...What are you doing for your children's teachers? Tell me & feel free to leave links if you want!



  1. So cute! What a great idea! I have a friend that deserves some "sunshine" I may do this too!

  2. That is AWESOME, JULIE!! Love this idea! Now I need to figure out who to do this for! lol

  3. How lovely! Pretty sure I know someone who could really use a box of sunshine right about now. Off to find some yellows tomorrow. Thanks for linking to A Pinteresting Party...pinning this one!

  4. I had pinned an idea like this the other week and just went out today to buy my yellow items. I love the gerber daisy idea...I might have to head back to the store to add to the basket! Such a fun idea!


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