Thursday, May 17, 2012

Antique Mirror from a Picture Frame

Have you ever been to a Flea Market or Antique Store and checked out the beautiful antique mirrors?  They show wear and tear and have that great peeling effect inside the glass?  Well, it's so EASY to get that same look at home!!

Here is what you need:

Picture Frame

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint (Walmart, Hobby Lobby, carry this)
Krylon Black Spray Paint
Spray Bottle
Paper Towels

I wish I would have taken step by step photo's but I was so excited to try this out I forgot...  I removed the everything from the frame (glass, cardboard, backing).  I decided to paint and distress my frame to a pretty barn red.

CAUTION: make sure your glass is clean and free of any smudge or finger print - it WILL show up!!  

I laid my glass on a tarp and did 5 very thin coats of Looking Glass with 1 min in between each coat for the mirror.  Now if you like the look you achieved already you can stop here before applying the bleach.  Looking Glass does NOT give you a perfect mirror image, but it is perfect for the Antique look.

After the paint dried completely (I waited about an hour because I was impatient...).  I poured a little bleach into my spray bottle and randomly sprayed bleach all over the painted side of the glass.  I let this set for about 5 minutes and then gently blotted with a paper towel.  If you rub it will pull off more paint.  Wait for the bleach to dry completely (for this I left it sit outside overnight).

Finally paint side up I used Krylon Black Gloss Spray Paint to give the already painted side 2 thin coats of black paint (otherwise you could leave as is and just see the cardboard through the glass).

Put the glass back into the frame and enjoy!!!

I also used the Looking Glass Spray paint through lace to achieve this look below:

You can check out this tutorial HERE.


  1. Ooh...I need to buy that looking glass spray paint! Cute project!

  2. How cool! I love the look of that piece you did with the lace! Thanks so much for linking up to A Pinteresting Link Party!


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