Thursday, May 24, 2012

Table Makeover

I love love love a easy makeover project.  This one my Sister delivered to my door (gearing up for a May garage sale).  I snagged it up and gave it some special treatment in the form of a purple coat of paint.

Check out the before - someone had tried to do a makeover but missed a few spots and the color just didn't work for me.  It had definitely potential just needed a little TLC.

Even though this already had a coat of paint I still like to prime just to be sure I get a solid piece that isn't going to peel and chip.  One coat of primer then two coats of paint and one coat of clear coat.  I used Valspar Paint for the purple (on a happy note it smells like grapes - scented spray paint love it!).

I love the way it turned out!!  Would make a great plant stand, side table or hall table.  If I had been thinking ahead I could have really used a small table in the hall...  As much as I love purple it doesn't really fit with our current decor.  If it fits with yours check it out For Sale at ReHab Fab in Van Wert.

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