Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School Treat!

This is an idea that I found on pinterest & I decided to run with it for Caleb's last day of Preschool. 
I made little pockets out of card stock & stuffed them with a packet of Kool-Aid & a silly straw. Isn't it FUN!? I love that it's something the child can go home & DO! And although it will contain sugar, it's not a boatload of it like a bag of candy would have been.

The little pocket was designed on Draw - an Open Office program. Then my smarty-pants husband showed me how to save it as a PDF document so I can share it with all of you! Feel free to use it! (I'll post the PDF later today - it's not cooperating right I want to add some instructions & it's time for me to get outta here & deliver them!) 
Or if you'd like to see other cute versions, search "kool summer" on pinterest.
The cost of the whole treat was rather inexpensive. Aside from the card stock/hotglue/stickers, I spent $6 on the kool aide & straws for 15 kids. 


 I hope everyone else is excited for summer like we are!
I know Caleb LOVES preschool, but I really LOVE having him home with his brothers. I am SO excited for all we have planned this summer!!

Enjoy TODAY!


  1. How cute!! I hope you have a super KOOL summer, too! ;)

  2. Where is the PDF file to download? Thanks for your help

  3. I am having trouble finding/getting the PDF to this. When I select the print then download pdf it just downloads your blog entry, not a printable. am i doing something wrong?

  4. I am unable to find the pdf :-(


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