Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back Stage Pass!!

You will probably laugh at me but I got the biggest high today at Goodwill!  
There was this desk stuffed way back behind all this other furniture.  I've been looking for a desk to re-do for my girls rooms (since I need to steal the last one I got at Goodwill for a sewing table).  This desk had no price tag so I ended up talking to the Manager who sold it to me for $14.99.  Solid wood ~ dovetail construction ~ adorable little feet & paintable pulls - YES!
Then he says 'would you like to come in the back and see our other furniture I haven't put out yet'?  HELLO - OMGoodness YES!!  Backstage pass at Goodwill = JACKPOT!!  They had a pair of really cute wing back orange chairs for $19.99 (but since I'm not skilled at re-upholstery... yet... I passed on those).  
I did find a great side table for our family room - solid wood - dovetail construction - cute feet - great lines - $5.99! 
Just image these ladies painted up with some cute hardware & maybe some decoupage on some drawers and/or tops!  Good thing its a holiday weekend!

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