Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun At The Park

The weather is warming up a bit around here!
Whoever stole SPRING has FINALLY returned it! Yahoo!
We took a walk to the nearby park and enjoyed an evening moving our bodies & playing like we haven't played in what seems like FOREVER!
It was WONDERFUL to say the least!

I got some good snapshots of the boys! I love outdoor pictures, don't you? 

(try to ignore the snot & drool...)

 Caleb LOVES to pose with his baby brother!

This kid is quick & surprisingly coordinated when it comes to dribbling a soccer ball!

Our walk home was interrupted by a train. Caleb & Keston were so excited when they saw the crossing bars lowering, the RR lights flashing & could hear the train in the distance!

 But once it was right in front of us, Keston decided it was TOO LOUD!!!

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  1. OMGoodness Keston looks so much like his Daddy when he was a boy (in that ear shot)!


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