Saturday, April 23, 2011

GQ Hubby in the House!

I beg my husband to let me dress him, and alas he never seems to like what I throw together.  He's what I call a 'skateboard cowboy'.  He loves his skate shoes, Levi's, graphic t's and/or button down western tops.  When we first started dating he was in a rock band and wore t's and baggy jeans all the time.  He's slowly transitioned into more fitted jeans, dressier skate shoes and some button downs.
 Here he is with my nephew Caleb a few years ago - Tshirt & Jeans.
 At our church's Film Festival - Tshirt & Jeans
At Culver's - Tshirt and jeans.
 I really wanted him to put on bow tie but he wouldn't.....
 I think we need to get him some frames of his own! 
Full body - no shoes ;-(  and I would have put him in darker jeans but alas - how cute is he after I styled him?!

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