Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

My daughter chose to makeover a room for her 4H project this summer.  She's getting older and needed her own room - we have 2 bedrooms in our home we've put on the backburner as far as updating went.  The one had drywall hung but had not been 'mudded' so that was a new experience but thanks for an experienced friend it turned out great. The second room was covered in paneling - that of course we painted.  

Here is the BEFORE (loving the walls and carpeting? Me either):
After we first moved in and painted (Much better but not for a girly girl)
Add a little purple and it's a girly girl room now!
The room was filled with the ugly 'kanga' carpet - so with the help of my Father we laid new carpet - looks so much better!  You can sorta see it in this pic - a dark gray/black mixture - BIG change!
These two side tables were mine when I was her age.  I found one in my Dad's front yard - freecycling and my Mom had the other and again they are reunited!  The lamp was one of my first make-overs - picked it up at Goodwill and gave it a new look.
The daybed I got from a co-worker - we used to have an employee sale electronic bulletin board.  The letters came from Hobby Lobby 50% off - we painted them purple.  The flower hangers came from Goodwill .59 each and a coat of paint.  Pillows from Menards ($3 each) and Dollar General ($5 each).  Bedspread found on clearance at Walmart for $14!)
$5.99 for a valance from
This solid wood desk & chair was a perfect fit for this cubby!  Found it at Goodwill (brand new) $9.99!!  (she wanted to keep the wood finish - I would have painted it of course).
A few little makeovers and real rabbit fur (a souviner from a school field trip)
Finally the closet doesn't have a door and we couldn't find a curtain that she liked.  We ended up with this fabric shower curtain & hooks from Dollar General on clearance for $5!!
She repainted her dresser all by herself (missed a couple knobs getting black and not sure why one is all together missing...)  We're 'fixing' that.

We also replaced the ceiling fan with one with a light (low profile since the ceilings aren't 9 ft high).  All in all we spent around $250 (carpet included) to fix this room into something fun and fit for an little girl!


  1. Sweet! I'm happy to see this room finally got it's "fix" and it looks terrific. Way-to-go and way-to-save. I especially love that the drawers were repainted by Gabby herself and that she kept the desk how she wanted. :) You are letting her take after you and find her own style. This room really looks good guys!

  2. You're giving me SO many ideas. I can't wait to remodel the girls' room. Because of you, I now know I can do this without spending big bucks. I even found out where our local Goodwill store is!

    Did I mention that I can't wait?

  3. Cute! I especially like the decorations above her bed. Great job. And Gabby did a great job on the dresser!

  4. I think that side table looks familiar. Was it chartreuse?
    Cute looking room. Gabby should be very proud.

  5. I think that side table looks familiar. Was it chartreuse?
    Cute looking room. Gabby should be very proud.

  6. Aunt B - it was at one time!! I used it as a desk with a polka dotted board laid across the two. I'm not sure when they got painted black... Mom says they are solid Oak - someday I'd love to strip and stain them!


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