Sunday, August 21, 2011

A GREEN Birthday for our 3 year old!!

IMG_5480 (480x640)

Pardon me while I gush but I can’t believe that it’s been THREE years since Keston joined our family. He was so itty bitty & C U T E when we brought him home!!!!!!

Just look at him!!

224402_10150264608491945_650636944_7889241_2452345_n IMG_5408 (640x440)

Well since then the boppy has been exchanged for a toy story pillow & a blankie but he’s still the same cute & cuddly fireball!

IMG_5460 (427x640)

As you may have read in my recent Word-full Wednesday post, Keston was very sick on his birthday. We made the most of his day with gifts & green decorations. HE IS OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR GREEN!  Unfortunately there wasn’t really a party. His fever was rather high all day so we cancelled on most of guests…sad, right?! His grandmas still came though!

IMG_5313 (480x640) IMG_5346 (480x640)
New SHOES! He wanted these SO bad b/c they were black & green. I was shocked that he was SO pumped about getting shoes for his birthday! He also got a John Deere Tractor/Semi Hauler, a new BIKE, books, Geo Trax Farm, Hopper Ball,  Animal back-pack & some other things too. The kid has been playing nonstop since he’s been better.

IMG_5335 (640x480)

Here’s the tractor cake his Grandma made for him! She does such a great job & I am so thankful! She even colored the cake batter green!

IMG_5340 (480x640)

While Keston took a much needed birthday nap, I decorated a little. It was done on a whim & I think it turned out so cute!! All I did was wind thread around the ends of the tied balloons & strung them across the room. (Don’t look at my curtain-less windows…my youngest nearly strangled himself in them too many times so they had to go…for now.)

IMG_5320 (640x320)

IMG_5322 (480x640) (439x584) IMG_5325 (640x377)

IMG_5324 (640x480)

Watching Keston grow another year older is so bittersweet. He’s so cute, curious, independent & my is he CUDDLY when he wants to be.  His mouth never stops running & the things he says are SO CUTE & often unbelievably FUNNY. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel when he’s much older than THREE.  I suppose I’ll probably cry a lot missing his little days…and I’ll certainly pray even more than I’ll cry, I know. Actually, I spent a great amount of time this past year doing both of those. I’m looking forward to Keston growing out of the terrible twos. I refuse to accept that threes will be worse. Don’t tell me that…I might hit you with a die-cast tractor & then stop on your toes while I scream at the top of my lungs like a three year old. Hmmm…are you wondering how I KNOW three year olds do things like that? Pray for me people…

Maybe I’ll link this up to some parties this week…I slacked last week & I miss the party scene.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little man!! And that cake is adorable!

  2. Awww! Happy Birthday to your little man! I love having a birthday party that is all about what is YOUR child's favorite things. I hope he's feeling better by now! I whipped up a balloon garland for my daughter's party too! Love how easy and cute they are!
    thanks for linking up to WWWW! Hope you'll be back again this week!


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